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Wellbore Diagram Services

Diamond Derrick Consulting has converted over 4500+ paper well files to WellView

To enhance your company's local and global transparency and increase your internal communication efficiency, Diamond Derrick Consulting offers paper well file conversion services utilizingWellView™.


Most companies have paper well files located in a centralized area. While this filing method is the industry norm, it is not the most efficient use of historical well information. Access to these files is limited to those employees in the centralized location; however, the need for engineers and wellsite personnel to view these files stretches globally. In order to share information, well files must be reviewed repeatedly, potentially resulting in misfiled or unorganized files and costing a company time and decreasing the internal process efficiency.


Companies have already started using WellView exclusively for new wells. Regardless of location, employees have access to these well diagrams. As opposed to paper well files, WellView offers accurate and organized records, easily shared and transferrable information, increased operator efficiency, and increased information availability. Most importantly, it decreases the opportunity for misread files and potentially costly and unsafe mistakes, because the information is captured in a standard template that is visually pleasing and understandable. 





Why Now?

In today's digital age where information is expected to be shared freely and be available at the click of a mouse, there are several reasons why now is the time to convert your paper well files to WellView:


1) Increased Operator Efficiency

  • Acquiring new fields
  • Busy development pace
  • Need for increased efficiency

2) Need for Global Companies

  • Access to data in different locations is essential
  • Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer and wellsite personnel all have needs for well specific information

3) Digital Era

  • Generation Y/ Millenials grew up with computers and are used to getting information at the touch of a button
  • Paper files are a foreign idea and thorough research (not using Google) is not something they do well


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